Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Katie Update

Thank you all again!!! I couldn't think of any other way to post a photo. Katie is doing really , really good! This was a day where I swear to god I think I now fully believe in the power of prayer and good...even the doctors are shaking their heads. THey decided against a PIC line (YES!...later in the day, it they attending decided it wasn't the way he wanted to go, so they just changed out her I.V.) She has responded really well to the anti-biotics and still has at least three days left on that. She still can't eat regular food, but (fingers crossed) she will have the tube from her throat removed tomorrow. She's craving food which is a really good sign! They un-hooked her from her IV's for a brief period this evening and we went exploring...it was almost like having her back to normal! We are still waiting on more tests...and of course for her digestive system to return to normal. They still don't know what caused this..and the doctor said, shaking his head...we may never know, and it could be that it never happens again...hopefully we will know more tomorrow, but for now...I am incredibly relieved, she was all smiles today and aside from a few moments of tears, she was her regular cooky self.

I know a lot of people have asked about where she is...She's at Seattle's Children Hospital and is registered as Katherine Hunter-Solis: 4800 Sand Point Way N.E. Seattle, WA 98105 (Room 4020 Giraffe)

She could go home as early as Friday, the doctors are optimistic, but are guessing more like this weekend, but that fully depends on the remaining tests..sigh.

All I can say...is from what I have seen in the last 72 hours...is nothing short of a miracle!

Here's a picture of Katie as they are adjusting her I.V. tubes...I said smiled and this is what I got :)...total ham!

It's late and I think tonight's the night I get to sleep! I will again update when I hear anything new.

Thank you again, EVERYONE!!! The support has been a true god send and has been the most tremendous help emotionally and spiritually!!!